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Shopify Plus Interest

Why I want to be a part of the Shopify Plus Team?

Being a Guru at Shopify for almost seven months has taught me a lot, not just about the Shopify platform, but also about all of our different merchants, all of their various needs and preferences as well as the third party companies that we work with - third party apps, themes, etc.

Since becoming a fully-trained Guru in September 2015, I have immensely enjoyed improving my knowledge about the process of setting up a succesful Shopify store. I've thrown myself into learning more about what a merchant needs to have their store set up, like creating products, setting up collections, pointing domains, setting up taxes, shipping, etc. In both live channels and during my flex time, I've been trying to get to know these different topics so that I can try and improve my ability to help our merchants. In that time, it's been both difficult and stressful learning about the different themes and apps but it's all been incredibly interesting and worthwhile!

With my bank of knowledge accumulated (and still constantly growing!), I've worked hard at supporting our merchants by providing documents, educating them on how to do it themselves, helping them out with third party teams and making sure that the experience of setting up an eCommerce business is as seamless and as easy as possible for them.

Bearing all of this in mind, I strongly believe that working with the Plus team as a Launch Manager would help me develop both personally and as a Guru, as well as help Shopify with their newest Plus merchants by creating a friendly and helpful environment for them to start and grow their business.


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